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The Director of Science Technology and Innovation Prof. Maulilio John Kipanyula

(centred) in group photo with 5th Summer School participants during the closing

ceremony of the school at the University of Dodoma on 01st October,2021

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Signing MOU among the NM-AIST, Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Tanzania

Agriculture Catalytic Trust (TACT) and RAS Kagera for the establishment

of Aquaculture Research Centre of Excellence in Kagera.

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Meet some of CREATES Sponsored Students who have successfully graduated

at the 7th Graduation Ceremony at NM- AIST on 12th August,2021

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Centre Leader, Prof. Hulda Swai explaining to Arusha Regional Commissioner,

Hon. John Mongela concerning various products produced by the mini factory

(DDI) during his official visit to NM- AIST.

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A group photo of The Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology

Hon. Omary Juma Kipanga (centered) with NM-AIST Management at the Data

Driven Innovation (DDI) Incubation Centre during his official visit

at NM-AIST on 2nd August,2021.

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Mini Factory for Prototypes Production

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which was held on 15th,July 2021 with the theme " Restore Ecosystems"

at Arusha Community Church Hall

A group photo of participants on Arusha Conservation Agriculture forum

Workshop on the Plant Metabolism for Improved Nutrition and Health

Participants of the Workshop undergo different trainings and practical laboratory exercises

Miss. Agness Kandonga

Master’s student in Food biotechnology and Nutrition Sciences. She is researching
on the impact of processing methods on Micronutrients and Anti- Nutritional Factors
in common beans leaves and False sesame.