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Africa Centre for Research, Agricultural advancement, Teaching Excellence and Sustainability

The Africa Centre of Excellence (CREATES) funded by the World Bank, is hosted at the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) in Arusha, Tanzania. The newly formed “African Centre for Research, agricultural Advancement, Teaching Excellence and Sustainability” (CREATES) in Food and Nutritional Security is an African Center of Excellence (ACE), which was established at the NM-AIST on January, 2017 through the World Bank’s African Centers of Excellence (ACE II) initiative. The ACE II initiative aims at building training and research capacity in the region by training and raising a critical mass of specialized and skilled human capital that can use a multidisciplinary approach to ensure a sustainable environment, food and nutritional security. The CREATES center which is under the school of Life Science and Biomedical Engineering (LiSBE) is a 5 years Programme worth US$ 6 Million.

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CREATES encompasses novel curricula approaches, cutting-edge research facilities and highly skilled national, regional and international partners in various fields related to Life Sciences

  1. Overall objective

    The overall objective of the CREATES is to strengthen the capacity of NM-AIST to serve as an African Centre of Excellence for provision of post graduate training (Master’s and PhD), applied research and outreach programs for Food and Nutrition Security in the Eastern and Southern Africa region.

  2. Specific objectives

    Specifically the project seeks to strengthen the NM-AIST to become a magnet environment that provides innovative opportunities and state-of the-art learning environments for graduate students (PhD and MSc) as well as for faculty and other relevant stakeholders in the area of Food and Nutrition Security.  

  3. innovative research, training, and outreach programmes

    The Centre provides innovative research, training, and outreach programmes in the region, taking advantage of the strong existing international and regional collaboration activities in the Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology (NM-AIST).


New Student Application

The CREATES aims to support young African Scientists who are committed, passionate and innovative enough to address societal real life issues

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