Public Lectures

CREATES has organized several public lectures (of course not recently due to covid), so these are some

older events:




Dr. Ingela Jansson from KopeLion talked about their activities on Maasai Lion guardians and
human dimensions of conservation (KopeLion – Lion-Maasai Coexistence in Ngorongoro:, in 2019.




Dr. Anna Czupryna from Glasgow university talked about her activities on vaccinating domestic
dogs against rabies (, in




Neovitus Sinyanga is talking about the rangeland restoration activities of African People and
Wildlife (AWF) in the Simanjiro area (




Creates organized various short courses on ecological modeling with partners from the Hamburg
University of Applied Sciences (HAW) in Germany, Wits University and Rhodes University of
South Africa and University of Hohenheim in Germany




Students outreach activities that have been supervised by CREATES Dept Centre Leader, Prof.
Anna Treydte:
Angelamercy Baltazary, a TAWA employee, during her MSc thesis research in Ngorongoro CA;
group discussions, participatory rangeland mapping…successful in gaining additional research
funds through:,