CREATES – FNS and its Partners to Establish Tilapia Cage Fish Farming Project

The NM-AIST, through CREATES – FNS, in collaboration with the Ministry of Livestock’s and Fisheries, Tanzania Agricultural Catalytic Trust (TACT) and Kagera Region Administrative Secretary, joined together to provide a solution to the fish farming challenges.

The project involves establishing a new research and innovation Centre that will allow the NM – AIST faculty members and students to conduct research and develop innovations that will solve fish farming challenges in Tanzania.

CREATES – FNS Centre Leader Prof. Hulda Shaidi Swai said that the Centre and its partners have already signed the MoU among them to agree on the project implementation.

“We have already conducted a feasibility study to assess the practicability of the Tilapia Cage Fish Farming and its whole associated Value Chain in Kagera Region, said Prof. Hulda.

The project will spearhead the research component by providing fish farming solutions like producing high-quality fish feeds and fingerlings while providing farming management technologies.

Tanzania Agricultural Catalytic Trust (TACT) Chief Executive Officer TACT, Dr John Kyaruzi, said TACT is ready to finance cage fish farming in the Kagera region.

“I believe when properly financed, the implementation of this project will help solve fish farming challenges and improve Food and Nutritional Security in Tanzania”, said Prof Kyaruzi.

The CREATES – FNS strives to generate more income for its sustainability and bring scientific solutions to Agriculture, food, and nutrition insecurity at the national and regional levels.