CREATES – FNS Enhances Partnerships Value

CREATES FNS improvises partnerships to reach a broader population and enhance the Centre’s sustainability. The CREATES – FNS team, led by Centre Leader Prof. Hulda Shaidi Swai, conducted the official visit at CESAAM Egerton, Masinde Murilo University of Science and Technology (MMUST) and Liam EA Farm at Kakamega in Kenya.

The visit at CESAAM Egerton aimed to identify significant areas of cooperation and strengthen the existing partnership. The areas identified include Joint Programs, short courses and students and faculty members exchange programs to achieve Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLIs), triggering and increasing academic excellence between the two institutions, particularly in Sustainable Agriculture and Food and Nutrition Security.

During the visit, the CREATES – FNS explore opportunities to use Spirulina commercially as raw materials for fish feed processing and increase food and nutrition security to the Tanzanian Community.

Concurrently, the CREATES – team visited Liam EA Farm at Kakamega benchmarking for the poultry industry learning from the local innovator on the successful ways of keeping chicken to make a sustainable income, serve the community, and increase employment opportunities, especially to the youths.

The CREATES -FNS develops and enhances partnerships with other academic institutions to pursue academic excellence and increase the knowledge charter, expertise, and resources available to solve related changelings’ in agriculture, food and nutrition security areas in the region.