New partnership and collaboration between NM-AIST and HUT - Press Release

On 13th April, 2018, the Ag. Vice Chancellor of the NM-AIST, Prof. Karoli Njau and the Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of Hunan University of Technology (HUT) from China, Prof. Tang Weibing, signed an agreement for promoting Sino-Africa (Science and Engineering) Master’s Degree programmes which will be jointly run by HUT and NM-AIST.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, the head of the delegation Prof. Tang Weibing informed the NM-ASIT that, the Chinese government has prioritized scientific and technical collaboration with African countries since Science and Engineering is one area that has a promising future for developing counties.

The two parties agreed that, the signed Sino-Africa (Science and Engineering) Master’s Degree programmes is one step towards establishment of a modern Research Centre at the NM-AIST which will be funded by the government of China. The parties explained that the facility will be the hub of scientific cooperation between HUT and NM-AIST in areas of Science and Engineering in general.

The agreement will be valid for 8 years until 31st August 2026 and already Six (6) students from NM-AIST sponsored by CREATES Centre will be travelling to HUT in May 2018 for their research work.

The collaborations between HUT and the NM-AIST focus on bilateral cooperation in offering joint degree programmes, trainings on Smart packaging, students/staff exchange, establishment of research Centre in science and engineering at NM-AIST as well as joint student supervision and publications.

The alliance between NM-AIST and HUT emerged through the key discussions and exchange visits to HUT and to NM-AIST which was initiated and facilitated by the Africa Centre for Research, Agricultural Advancement, Teaching Excellence and Sustainability (CREATES).

More information on the Sino-Africa (Science and Engineering) Master’s Degree programs will be shared through the NM-AIST and CREATES websites.

Issued by:

The Office of the NM-AIST Vice Chancellor
20th April, 2018
P. O. Box 447, Arusha
Academia for Society and Industry

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