Parents urged to encourage girls to study Science, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) to increase the number of Scientists that will fill the gap of experts in various fields in the country.

Professor Linus Munishi stated that on behalf of the CREATES -FNS Centre Leader, Professor Hulda Shaidi Swai,  on 29th January, 2022 during an award ceremony for students who performed well in Science and Mathematics subjects in form four and form two National exams for 2021 which was held in  Arusha region.

During the event, the Arumeru District Commissioner Eng. Richard Ruyango congratulated female students who have done well in Science and Mathematics subjects in the national exams for the year 2021.

“I strongly urge teachers to be friendly to students during a class session to encourage them to love science and mathematics subjects and be able to have a quick understanding of the subjects,” said Engineer Ruyango.

Arusha Education Officer, Mr. Mugisha Galibona said that technology continues to grow every day, the country needs enough specialists and experts in science and mathematics.

“We have to encourage girls to study hard so that we can have good scientists and female pilots; through it, we will be able to recruit our experts and stop recruiting foreigners,” He said.

The event is one of the Centre’s efforts in inspiring and encouraging students to develop passion of their career through science and mathematics subjects to fill the gap of experts and specialists in various sectors in Tanzania.